Sunday, July 17, 2011

cracks of the broken heart

Maybe we need just a little more time 
Time that can heal what's been on your mind 
You can find what we lost before it all slips away 
We need time to mend from the mistakes I've made 
God only knows what a heart can survive 
So many tears from all the pain in our lives 
And where else could we go after all we've been through 
I still believe my life is right here with you 

So just hold on 
And it'll wont take long 
I hope that you can love me 
When the pain is gone 
I don't want us to fall through the cracks of a broken heart 
Don't want us to fall through the cracks of your broken heart 

I know its taking a while but every lesson, i've learned 
And if your heart speaks tonight, I'll hear every word 
If you want to be free I'll never stand in your way 
But with all that I am, I'm asking you to stay 

There's a light that can burn 
It exists in the heart 
You can feel it when you know love is true 
If you could try to be strong 
And keep the light burning long 
It took a lifetime but i found it in you